Wizards of the Coast MTG Bloomburrow Starter Kit (Jul 26)
Wizards of the Coast MTG Bloomburrow Starter Kit (Jul 26)

MTG Bloomburrow Starter Kit (Jul 26)


Contents: 2 ready-to-play 60-card decks: 1 white-green deck and 1 blue-red deck 2 Mythic Rare cards (1 per deck) 8 Rare cards (4 per deck) 2 deck boxes (1 per deck) 1 Magic: The Gathering play guide

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Shrink down to critter size and battle for the Valley with two pre-built 60-card decks, each with one Mythic Rare card and four Rare cards to begin your collecting adventure. The included booklet will teach you the essentials, and you’ll be ready to play in no time!

This Magic: The Gathering Starter Kit also contains two deck boxes to store your cards, four double-sided tokens (2 with each deck), two double-sided reference cards to aid you as you play (Turn Order/Attacking & Blocking), and two Magic: The Gathering Arena code cards to unlock both decks for two people to play online. (Code expires June 23, 2029.)

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