Gruul's Night x Pride Commander 2024 - June 28 & 29
Gruul's Night x Pride Commander 2024 - June 28 & 29

Gruul's Night x Pride Commander 2024 - June 28 & 29


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Gruul's Night joins hands with Pride this year! We're running not just one, but TWO sessions of the Magic Presents Pride event, where participating players can earn a special Chandra & Embercat rainbow holographic foil print, while supplies last.

On Friday night, Gruuls will get first dibs as we invite gender minorities in MTG to come play with us and each other. This is a call to women, transfolks, and others who are underrepresented in MTG playership: the Gruul accept all! Free Jumpstart is always available to be taught to newcomers, and cool prizes will be available for those of you choosing to play in the Pride Commander event.

On Saturday, we're doing a second round for the brunch Gruuls, open to all players who want to join the festivities.

Casual Commander is the format on deck for this event, though in honour of Pride, players can treat all eligible commanders as though they had the partner ability. This allows players to add an additional commander to a deck they already have or use a never-before-seen combination of two commanders to helm a totally new deck. Partners for all!

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