Open since 2012, Crossover Comics is St-Henri’s greatest comic book and games shop. We actually checked and it turns out we’re the best store in the Virgo Supercluster (see, it’s a real thing!).


We dedicate ourselves to making Crossover Comics an inclusive space that has books and games for everyone, whether you’re totally new to reading comics and playing games, or a seasoned vet, you’re bound to find something in our shop.


For books, we’ve got your modern day comics in issue and trade paperback. We’ve got older comics as well, if that’s your thing! We carry mainstream wonders from Marvel, DC, and Image, but we also carry some lesser known brands, as well as local comics. We’ve got a manga section, and our fastest growing area, which are the kids books. If you love comics and often find yourself talking too much about them to your friends, families, peers, random cashiers, dog walkers, and birds, then you'd likely fall in love with our monthly Crossover Bookclub.


For gaming, we’re a store that sells Magic the Gathering and we support the community of Magic through ongoing events. We sell Pokémon too, so pop in and Pika-choose yourself some nice shiny new packs. Board games have always been important to Crossover, therefore, we’ve got loads of those for you to immerse yourself in.


One more thing, if you’ve got questions about us, there’s a good chance they were answered in our Hot Cross Ones video, which we did to celebrate our ten-year anniversary in October 2022. Enjoy the blatant "homage" to Hot Ones while watching us suffer from Crossover capsaicin chemical burns on the insides of our mouths. Check it out!


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